Double-glazed windows

Convert from Single to Double-Glazed Windows

Apply for a double-glazed window schedule

This property owner in Hammersmith and Fulham has applied for the replacement from single-glazed to double glazed-widows. For that, we’ve proposed elevation plans and a window schedule. The development was approved.

Check out the drawings below. and apply for your own conversion now!

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Approved Drawings

Double-glazed windows
Elevation Plans
Double-glazed windows
Window Schedule
uPVC Windows

uPVC Double-Glazed Windows Granted

If you’ve already had your windows and doors altered into double-glazed uPVC without permission, you’ll need a Certificate of lawfulness. Just like our client below.

This property owner in Hounslow is granted a certificate of lawfulness for the proposed replacement of windows from timber windows to white UPVC double-glazed windows.

Check out the drawings of the proposed and approved window schedule.

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Approved Drawings

Front/rear uPVC windows
Front/rear Elevations uPVC window schedule
Side uPVC windows
Side Elevation uPVC window schedule