HMO Licensing. Do You Need It?

What is HMO?

An HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is when a property is occupied by or rented to 3 or more unrelated households sharing the same amenities. One household can have one individual and their family members or relatives.

Who needs HMO Licensing?

Across England and Wales, getting HMO Licensing is mandatory when households are 5 or more. Smaller HMOs regulations and restrictions vary from one local authority to another. A local authority can as well designate selective licensing areas, streets, or even the whole borough if the area is experiencing low housing demand or antisocial behavior.

Therefore, if you’re willing to lease your property to 3 or more households, you’ll have to consult planning services specialists who know what’s required from your local authority for HMO Licensing.

What do you need for HMO Licensing?

Along with the application, some documents will have to be handed in, such as the Gas Safety Certificate, the Electrical Safety Certificate, and, for sure, a plan of the property.

As a landlord, you’ll have to apply for the HMO License yourself or your property manager can do it on your behalf. Also, note that an HMO License holder has to be a fit and proper person.

Contact us to apply for an HMO License or if you have further queries. We give advice for free.

A 7-Bed HMO License

A property of 7-Bed HMO License
Floor plans for a property of a 7-Bed HMO License