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Rear Extension Planning Permission In Haringey

Why get a rear extension?

Property owners get extensions, whether a rear one or any other because they are looking for expanding their living space. But extensions require planning permission, and here comes our part of the work.

Our client here was looking for a more spacious kitchen on the ground floor. The best solution was to plan an extension to the rear for them.

The process of planning the rear extension

And we did; a site survey was conducted, the existing plans were drawn up, and the proposed ones, as well. We’ve recently received the decision notices and the proposal was approved. Now the client can start the construction process and this has to happen within 3 years from they were granted permission.

When we plan properties, we take a lot of things into account, including the client’s desired outcome, the local authority’s rules, and the council’s potential concerns. Our team works cooperatively to get all of that done in harmony. Thanks to our ex-planning officers, we have the experience to get the job done.


Check our plans for this rear extension below. Contact us if you want free advice on your case. Or apply for your desired development.

Planning Permission Drawings

Section AA plan of the property
Section AA Plan
4 floors plans
Floor Plans

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