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Latest Planning News – City of Westminster

Residents of Church Street have voted in favour of regeneration plans that call for the construction of 156 new council houses over three sites in the neighbourhood. In a poll conducted by Westminster City Council, 73% of voters approved the proposals, which also call for the re-provisioning of all 228 existing council dwellings in the area as well as new civic, commercial, and employment prospects. In order to guarantee the delivery of the programme, Westminster City Council may now submit a financial proposal to the Greater London Authority (GLA).

According to The Hampstead and Highgate Express, despite concerns from locals that the property would be poisoned, Westminster City Council has started construction on 21 dwellings on a carpark in Maida Vale. Residents are now irate at WCC for withholding the findings of recent soil tests after the council’s own investigation confirmed the presence of harmful compounds in the earth. Despite objections from neighbours, notably the Naima Jewish Preparatory School in Andover Place, contractor Osborne started drilling on January 4 of this year after the housing project on the Torridon estate was approved by the then-Conservative-led council in 2020. Geoff Barralough, a councillor for Maida Vale ward and the cabinet member for planning, urged an impartial study to ease concerns, although one has not yet been conducted.

A permanent outdoor dining programme on Warwick Way and Churton Street in Pimlico is now the subject of consultation by Westminster City Council. Residents can give their opinions on the suggestions, which include improving lighting, drainage, and cycling facilities, as well as extending footways and planting areas, during the 8-week consultation period that started on December 15th. The Westminster City Council anticipates that the plan will boost the neighbourhood business and revitalise the high street. The Pimlico Neighbourhood Forum (PNF) and the Federation of Pimlico Residents’ Associations have previously endorsed the plan (FREDA). The consultation is scheduled to end on February 9, 2023.

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