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From the moment we submit your application, most councils will respond to it within 8 weeks.

Internal changes do not need planning. However, most external changes do need planning. Feel free to call our office for one of our advisors to advise you further, free of charge.

Everything from quality and clarity of drawings, to the way it’s presented to the council to how the proposed development fits into the character of the area. Speak to one of our consultants to see how to take all factors into account before submitting.

Neighbours don’t always get consulted, but even if they do, their comments are only taken into consideration by the council if they have a valid reason. SAM Planning always advises our clients to discuss future plans with their neighbours first.

Firstly, at SAM Planning we never charge our clients to resubmit, or to give further advice. The client will receive a plan of action within 10 working days about what we can do next. We are known to fight on behalf of our client and determined to take their application till the finish line.