Change of Use

Change of Use to Class E (Restaurant)

Change of Use from a supermarket to a restaurant

This property owner in Hackney wanted to change the activity of his shop, they wanted to turn the ground floor supermarket into a restaurant. 

A supermarket is a Class A1 use, while a restaurant is a Class E use, which definitely requires planning to change use.

So, we went on a site survey, drafted the property plan, planned the new ground floor to make it match Class E legal requirements, and applied.

Finally, we received the decision notice from the Planning Local Authority in Hackney, and the application was approved. Now the owner has the right to start their new activity as a restaurant.

Check out the drawings below and contact us to apply for the same or similar proposals. 

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Ground Floor as a supermarket
Ground Floor as a supermarket
Ground Floor as a restaurant
Ground Floor as a restaurant

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