Planning Permission for Loft Conversion & 3 Extensions

For this property in Haringey, we achieved planning permission for the following:

  1. The erection of a type 3 loft conversion with 7no. roof lights.
  2. The erection of a single-storey ground floor extension with a succah roof light.
  3. The erection of part first floor extension.
  4. The erection of three-storey side extension.

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Approved Drawings

60 Leadale rd-LEA040 Rev A-01
60 Leadale rd-LEA020 Rev A-01

Rear Extension Planning Application Approved

For this property in Haringey, we’ve planned and applied for the erection of a single-storey extension that extends beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.7m, for which the maximum height would be 2.74m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.74m.

The application is approved. You, too, apply now for yours!

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Extension Approved Drawings

ground floor-06