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Basement Conversion. Is it worth it? and why?

“I want to expand the living space in my house. Is a basement conversion worth it? why?

Basement conversions can provide many options that vary in the extra space added. For example, if you just want small extra storage that doesn’t require daylight, then you might want to go for a coal cellar basement. It’s best if you only want to save your stuff cool in the dark in a small area.

In case you’re looking for a bit bigger space with daylight to practice a hobby, a garden basement would be your best option. And for daylight, you can add a light well.

 When your goal is even bigger and you want to have an extra one or two rooms, a half conversion would be the answer. A half conversion goes under your property except for its added extensions.

However, what makes this development even more worthwhile is that you can have a whole extra storey under your existing house. This is called a full conversion.

Below you see plans for 3 clients among many who come asking for full basement conversions. They usually request planning for new rooms such as washrooms, laundry, games, gyms, or even bedrooms.

Contact us for your conversion planning permission! Or get free advice on your case!

Basement conversion plan
Basement conversion plan - Property 1
Basement conversion plan
Basement conversion plan - Property 2
Basement conversion plan
Basement conversion plan - Property 3

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